I am going to tell you a little about me.  My name is Jen and I’m 34.  I like long walks on the beach and reading Hemingway…just kidding!  I mean I do like long walks on beaches but I hate going in the water.  Yup, totally weird right?

Anyways, I bought the wood block with the saying above in Boulder.  I truly feel that your vibe does attract not just your tribe but can affect your life.  This realization came when I began working with reiki.  Reiki means two works Rei means Life and Ki means force.  Reiki is the life force of the universe.  A reiki practitioner is given attunements that open them further to the energy.   As a reiki master I am just a vessel for the energy and do not do anything.  The energy will work where it needs to for your highest good.  This is what reiki did for me.  It truly started me on this wellness path and I would not be where I am today for it.

A couple years ago began yoga.  I always wanted to do it and went to my first class and loved it.  Yoga came at a particularly trying time in my life.  I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  Yoga helped me tremendously to find some solace when I was in a dark place.  I realized that I wanted to do so much more with my yoga practice and decided to become a yoga teacher.  At the beginning of my teacher training I didn’t think I would teach (I will discuss why in a later blog) by the end I was teaching.  I gone the gamut of going to three classes a day to now being lucky I practice at all.  But take note of what I said the word, practice.  It is a practice and it kinda goes against yoga to beat yourself up for not getting on your mat.  Just recognize it for what it is and try again.  You can always try again and I am in that place now.  I am working on getting back on my mat consistently.

I believe that the issues are truly in the tissues.  I am not discounting talk therapy or medication because guess what I use them too.  But I am speaking from experience when also I say that I also had emotional revelations after yoga, reiki and reflexology.  It’s because these tools like talk therapy provide an outlet.  Reflexology is based on the theory that the nerves end and begin in the feet. It is the role of the reflexology practitioner to touch these nerves and bring about relaxation. In today’s society the human body is under a great deal of stress. Reflexology turns off the bodies natural stress responses and turns on the bodies natural relaxation processes that bring about calm and balance.  I honestly got into reflexology because I was always amazed by my teacher.  She was able to tell you informative things about your health just based on her experience with your feet.

Throughout my wellness journey I was working as a social worker and pursued a masters degree at the University of Pennsylvania.  I find that social work goes well with reiki, yoga and reflexology.  All four are about meeting people where they are at.  In addition, I have worked as a child welfare social worker and a hospice social worker.  I doubt there is much out there to shock me anymore.  In fact, I have a very open mind and I have wellness tools to thank for that.

I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s Begin….

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