What fur babies teach us….

Aparigraha is non-attachment outcomes and objects.  The concept of aparigraha is used in my old studio Anahata where the owner would have a lending library.  This means that people could take the books but didn’t necessarily have to return them because of aparigraha.  It can also be used in relation to individuals.  One such individual is a furry little creature called Ladybug.  Ladybug is my domestic short hair black cat and is the elder stateswoman of the cat society in my home.  Ladybug is the sweetest and gentlest cat.  A year ago, we found out that Ladybug was going into kidney failure due to thyroid issues and I recognized that my time with her was short.  Today, Ladybug had yet another vet appointment because she is throwing up.  This happens with Ladybug from time to time in fact it is like every 2-3 months we take a trip to the vet.  A couple of weeks ago I was doing reiki on Ladybug and told her that she did not have to stick around if she didn’t want to. I kind of felt like that Ladybug had a job on this Earth and it was to help me.  I wanted to know that I was okay and that she is safe to leave when she is ready.   Then, she starts throwing up constantly and I start to think is this it?  Well, so far so good she is home with after some meds and a diet for the next couple days to help her tummy.

I realize that in using aparigraha I have no attachment to the outcome.  That is not say that I would not be sad, um excuse me devastated, for a few days after the bug passes.  However, aparigraha teaches us that letting go and letting God is the best thing.  Aparigraha also reminds us that time is short-so get out of it as much as you can.  This means that I love the hell out the Ladybug until the time comes.  I won’t let her suffer and told her as such.  Aparigraha reminds to take things one step at time, one day at a time; to be present because we never know if those things that we love or attached to will leave.  Ladybug has reminded me that my time with everyone is not guaranteed and give them all the love today.

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