True celebration of success…

I was watching Ellen and Lewis Howes was on.  Lewis is the creator of the “School of Greatness” podcast.  His belief is to give people the power and skills that he did not receive in school.  In fact, Lewis never finished college due to a budding career as an arena football player.  But he ended up on his sister’s couch regardless and had nothing to show for his career.  The thing that struck me is Lewis talked about using the law of attraction to get on Ellen’s stage. This man managed to overcome some serious stuff (Sexual abuse, depression) but this was glossed over in the interview.  Ellen suggested that the audience read the book he was promoting.  She asked direct questions about how he got so rich.   Why is money the sign of success (spiritual, physical and material)?  I’m not here to bash money because we do live in a world that requires it.  However, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our money game that we don’t acknowledge the spiritual work we are doing.  Case in point, Howes made a bunch a money and that seemed legitimize his platform for the emotional and spiritual work he was doing.  Let’s face it the world’s riches belong to 1% of the population and if you think that making money is the goal and not the spiritual part then you are setting yourself up.

I prefer Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday because she really does talk to people about the work they do-not just their actual work but spiritual work.  I am much more impressed by the spiritual or emotional work people have done then the ability to make money.  It is the same concept with thin equaling healthy.  What if you have a movement practice that lights you up instead of focusing on your weight loss?  For me that is yoga.  I didn’t see yoga as a way to lose weight but as a way to calm my overactive brain.  I know that cardio is necessary as well and I’m working on incorporating it but now I actually have a yoga practice.  That for me is more important than some numbers on a scale.  The fact that I am taking care of me instead of focusing on what other’s think I should do.

It’s time to start celebrating our actual successes not just the material ones.  Going to a class by yourself is scary for some…what if you go to that class?  Look how much you overcame just to go.  Maybe it is talking to a complete stranger and then you get over that hump and feel elation.  Celebrate the little things you do.  It’s tough being a human and we should celebrate the things that help us come home to ourselves instead of focusing on our bank accounts.

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