A girl and her blog….

I haven’t been writing as much I would like.  My process for writing my blog is as follows. A month or so will go by and I will feel the writing bug that I cannot ignore.  I often will have the writing bug at other times, but I will talk myself out of it.  Today I cannot ignore the writing bug.  So, the next step in my process is to clean my desk and then I will start brainstorming what I will write. This brainstorming usually occurs for an hour or so.  The brainstorming me sitting on the computer surfing the web which really is not brainstorming but I find that this is my ritual.

I find it absolutely ironic that I am a trained foot reflexologist but have the worse feet.  They surely are not my calling card.  I have bunions-in fact I have two bunions on my right foot.  Bunions are when a boney bump that occurs on the joint of your big toe, but you can also get them on the joint of your little toe.  They can be quite painful, and they can be result of arthritis or a structural defect in your feet. I was blessed with flat feet which cause my feet to roll in which causes the toes to push in which causes the pressure on the joint.  That being said I had surgery on November 7th for the little bunion on the right little toe joint.  This little guy just started about 6 months ago but was so painful.  Let me put this into perspective the pain from the surgery was so minimal compared to my little bunion.  It is actually doing really well, however, I have to wear a boot for about a month.  And being that it was on my right foot I can’t drive.  This means that I have been going stir crazy.

I realized that I am at a crossroads.  I want to do something with my life.  I don’t want to work at the supermarket when I heal.  I really want to work on the things that fulfill me, and I also want to get paid doing what I am really good at.  Every time I go to the hair salon I think about dying hair a “normal” color and go get a normal job.  A normal job for me would be in the field of social work.  However, it doesn’t light me up either.  Also, I talk to my husband every time I get my hair colored he says do what you want.  He wants me to work on my business.  He wants me to work on the things that fulfill me.  I did 10 years of child welfare and a 1 year of hospice as a social worker.  If I can I would not work in child welfare ever again.  The problem I come across is trying to promote my business. I really don’t have any backbone for rejection and that is the crux of business.  Not everyone is going to like you…well I want everyone to like me.  I struggle with selling myself.  Plus, it seems very overwhelming, especially, when people start talking about algorithms of facebook and how to promote your business on the web.  I want to write too and I think that this would be the key to bring people in.

That being said I did participate in a spirit fair on 11/4.  It was amazing.  I was so busy working on people’s feet.  I had so much fun and meeting other vendors was fun too.  The fact that people wanted to take the time to sit down and have someone work on their feet says something.  It means that there are people out here who want my services.  And even though holistic practitioners in Colorado are everywhere I think that my skills actually set me apart.  I have not met another reflexologist except at my reflexology association meeting.

As the rest of America we will be celebrating Thanksgiving; which will get me revved up for December 2nd where I will be doing another event that I hope will go well.


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